Pictures from Trip to the Butterfly farm

James and I both had a great deal of fun in Straford at the butterfly farm here are some of the pictures from a great day.






The butterfly farm was a lot of fun, but it was smaller than the 3 hours that we had available3 to go around, so we got ice cream (as you can see, James was very impressed) and went and found a Mini Golf game, where James got his first whole in one and we had a great laugh (although I forgot to take pictures).

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Continued Littering on Valley Road

Unfortunately for those that live in and around Hayden hill leisure centre and Hayden hill park they will be aware of problems with local littering.

This morning was no exception and Sandwell council are looking to investigate this mess :

Valley Road Litter

Discarded rubbish bags on Valley Road beside Min Du

The picture does not really show how the mess was strewn allover Valley Road, but these are the limitations if iPhones in the rain.

So while the litter was spread all over the street, Counciler Anne Shackleton did raise it with the Head of Refuse in order to enquire if there should be a hopper bin. hopefully this will prevent the kids from timber tree school having to wade through quitenso much rubbish on the way to school eh?

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Bringing down of

After some 9 years of messing around with different bits of html, php, javascript & css.  I have decided to tear down what was left of the PHP Fusion site.  Thank you anonymous for the hack, it was very helpful in ensuring I no longer used the difficult to update and maintain forums.  All the existing links will continue to work if you know where they were, particularly the TABI admin tools which will be deployed smart client as previously from this site.  The site itself will become a general blog site to cover musing and any large pieces that do not fit well on FB / g+ etc

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