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Getting your Nexus 4 debugging via eclipse on Windows 7 64bit.

Many of the steps here are probably not necessary if not using a nexus 4 on 4.2.2. I can see many people on other phones had almost none of the problems displayed here, however the Nexus 4 appears at time … Continue reading

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honey spot spam collection at an end

pthhhhb 😀

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tum te tum

amazing how quickly wordpress gets out of date, another website destroyed by the arras theme 🙁

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Clearly back off holiday

But darksouls is eating time

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Holiday time updates when I get back 😉

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OfWat Complaint about misleading Severn Trent information

Severn Trent have the following on their website : “Why will water bills go up for everyone and not just the people who are having their sewers adopted? Water companies already maintain all shared pipes (sewers) for properties built before … Continue reading

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Minority asked to subsadise a majority?

Just received this letter from severn trent.  It appears if you dont share a sewer you will be asked to subsadise those that do share sewers (the majority).  Here is my enquiry, lets see how we get on : I … Continue reading

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Elegant Box Modifications

Here is a little template that can be used with the “Elegant Box” wordpress theme in order to use as a template without the widgets column.  This is useful is displaying forums or other word press content that you would … Continue reading

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WordPress User Problems

I must apologise for problems I have been having with wordpress. Unlike all my clients wordpress sites, it would appear that is a target for a great deal of Spam and an insane number of what appear to be … Continue reading

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RIP American Dream

Today saw the demise if the American dream. what was started with a fanfare by one of the most visionary leaders ended today with a whimper by a corporate shill who seems happy to be remembered primarily for his colour. … Continue reading

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