Getting your Nexus 4 debugging via eclipse on Windows 7 64bit.

Many of the steps here are probably not necessary if not using a nexus 4 on 4.2.2. I can see many people on other phones had almost none of the problems displayed here, however the Nexus 4 appears at time of writing this to require all of these steps (for me at least).

This really was a propper pain in the bottom, and even as I type this I half expect something else to go wrong.  So here we go.

Start with the Nexus 4 not plugged in.

1) (Optional) Install 32 bit Java

2) Download and put the  32 bit eclipse (I dont believe the 64 bit is working). In a directory (Say c:\Android).

3) Run c:\android\SDK Manager (as administrator) update everything (this is important for the USB drivers).

if the SDK Manager does not run then check you have the 32 bit Java installed.

4) Get your Nexus to detect (this is a proper pain in the backside).

5) Plug Nexus into USB port.  Windows will faff about and you should see Nexus 4 under the Portable Devices node of device manager (ignore the other devices).

6) Update the driver, selecting update driver and browsing to C:\Android\sdk\extras\google\usb_driver this will change the description of the device to Android ADB Device.

7) Enable USB debugging on the android.

  1. Settings>About Phone>Build Number (Click on this 7 times, I kid you not).
  2. Press Back, there is now a new Developer options Menu Above About Phone.
  3. Go in and Enable USB Debugging.  Wait windows will now faff about changing the drivers again

8) Stop the Camera competing for the USB port.  Swipe down the notifications, click on the “Connected as a Media Device” Change to Camera (PTP mode).

9) Still going……Now you are getting closer.  You now need to let the phone know you are wanting this computer to talk to the device.

  1. Open a command window in c:\android\sdk\platform-tools
  2. type “adb devices”
  3. this will have triggered a notification on your phone about actually alowing the USB Debugging, check allways allow from this computer and click ok.

10) Make sure the adb process is not running, if it is kill it.

11) Launch Eclipse, Use wizard for hello world app, press run. and your not quite there…….

12) The first time you run the app, Look at the phone and you will see a Verify Apps? Dialogue, click Yes, Select run again



Fool proof really, cant understand really why it took me nearly 6 hours to get working!


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