Minority asked to subsadise a majority?

Just received this letter from severn trent.  It appears if you dont share a sewer you will be asked to subsadise those that do share sewers (the majority).  Here is my enquiry, lets see how we get on :

I have just received a letter on sewer ownership which appears to state that my bill will increase between £3 and £14 so as to subsidise homes with shared sewage and make disputes easier for these homeowners.  It may be unusual but I know the arrangement of my sewer as I had to pay to have it repaired purely because our house does not share the sewer pipe with anyone else (so the entire responsibility was ours).  From your letter it appears I will retain responsibility for our sewer pipe but have our bill increase? Can you please elaborate, is this a matter of your records being wrong or are you genuinely going to force a minority to pay for the majorities problems?



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