RIP American Dream

Today saw the demise if the American dream. what was started with a fanfare by one of the most visionary leaders ended today with a whimper by a corporate shill who seems happy to be remembered primarily for his colour.  The space race is over and somehow the Americans have succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Just as communism failed to provide a framework in which it’s citizens could live and prosper, capitalism has failed to uphold the heady ideals of science.  So the corporate funded politicians with their small minded, grubby world view have ended the greatest and most important adventure mankind will ever undertake.



Last Shuttle Flight


Manned space flight has been consigned to the Chinese and Indians to look at, presumably on the understanding that the Americans will be able to buy or steal the plans once the investment has been made.  Meanwhile the American tax payer will be asked to fund private “space” exploration with both military backing and more directly through federal taxation, because even the most naive politician realises that you must give the proles hope to hang their hats upon.


Congratulations to the Russian rocket scientists, it was a long fight, and after your early lead it really looked like the Americans had you beaten.  your engines were always superior, but the Americans had belief, bravery and a true visionary which looked like it had you beat.  But at the end if the day, the immortal giants who lobbied for protection under the constitution were always going kill anything that their greedy eyes saw as competition.


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