Getting your Nexus 4 debugging via eclipse on Windows 7 64bit.

Many of the steps here are probably not necessary if not using a nexus 4 on 4.2.2. I can see many people on other phones had almost none of the problems displayed here, however the Nexus 4 appears at time of writing this to require all of these steps (for me at least).

This really was a propper pain in the bottom, and even as I type this I half expect something else to go wrong.  So here we go.

Start with the Nexus 4 not plugged in.

1) (Optional) Install 32 bit Java

2) Download and put the  32 bit eclipse (I dont believe the 64 bit is working). In a directory (Say c:\Android).

3) Run c:\android\SDK Manager (as administrator) update everything (this is important for the USB drivers).

if the SDK Manager does not run then check you have the 32 bit Java installed.

4) Get your Nexus to detect (this is a proper pain in the backside).

5) Plug Nexus into USB port.  Windows will faff about and you should see Nexus 4 under the Portable Devices node of device manager (ignore the other devices).

6) Update the driver, selecting update driver and browsing to C:\Android\sdk\extras\google\usb_driver this will change the description of the device to Android ADB Device.

7) Enable USB debugging on the android.

  1. Settings>About Phone>Build Number (Click on this 7 times, I kid you not).
  2. Press Back, there is now a new Developer options Menu Above About Phone.
  3. Go in and Enable USB Debugging.  Wait windows will now faff about changing the drivers again

8) Stop the Camera competing for the USB port.  Swipe down the notifications, click on the “Connected as a Media Device” Change to Camera (PTP mode).

9) Still going……Now you are getting closer.  You now need to let the phone know you are wanting this computer to talk to the device.

  1. Open a command window in c:\android\sdk\platform-tools
  2. type “adb devices”
  3. this will have triggered a notification on your phone about actually alowing the USB Debugging, check allways allow from this computer and click ok.

10) Make sure the adb process is not running, if it is kill it.

11) Launch Eclipse, Use wizard for hello world app, press run. and your not quite there…….

12) The first time you run the app, Look at the phone and you will see a Verify Apps? Dialogue, click Yes, Select run again



Fool proof really, cant understand really why it took me nearly 6 hours to get working!


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honey spot spam collection at an end

pthhhhb 😀

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tum te tum

amazing how quickly wordpress gets out of date, another website destroyed by the arras theme 🙁

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Clearly back off holiday

But darksouls is eating time

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Holiday time updates when I get back 😉

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OfWat Complaint about misleading Severn Trent information

Severn Trent have the following on their website :

Why will water bills go up for everyone and not just the people who are having their sewers adopted?

Water companies already maintain all shared pipes (sewers) for properties built before 1937. Therefore all our customers currently contribute to the cost of us providing the service to customers who have older houses. The transfer makes the situation fairer for all, so that all customers benefit from us maintaining shared pipes (sewers), irrespective of the age of the property. Any property that is connected to the sewerage system pays a share of the cost of operating and maintaining the whole system. Therefore, as the costs of maintaining the system will increase, the costs are shared out across all customers.”

This does not answer the question. It is deliberately misleading and designed to confuse consumers. It contains empirical falsehoods :

“The transfer makes the situation fairer for all, so that all customers benefit from us maintaining shared pipes (sewers)” empirically false.

There is no benefit to customers without shared pipes of other customers with shared pipes having coverage.  In fact it may force up the insurance required to cover these pipes as we will be a disadvantaged minority.

My House was built prior to 1937 and it has no shared sewer.  I paid to repair our sewer so I happen to know how our sewers work, but how many people do?  I receive no benefit from this change and am apparently expected to subsidise others problems.  This is not fair and does not treat all customers equally, only those with shared sewers.  So it appears a minority is being forced to subsidise the majority.

The above seems to deliberately avoid answering the Frequently Asked Question, it is misleading and insulting to consumers.  Can you please get them answer the answer the question without resorting to obfuscation and lies.

I would also like to know why I am expected to pay anything for a service I am NOT receiving. Severn Trent is a private limited company and it strikes me as morally dubious to charge a customer for a service they do not receive or benefit from.  This may have been acceptable when an industry is nationalised when the “national good” can be quoted, but what is the legal basis for a private company using its monopoly position to charge all customers for a service that only benefits some customers?  This is particularly onerous as it appears the minority will be subsidising the majority rather than the majority subsidising the minority.


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Minority asked to subsadise a majority?

Just received this letter from severn trent.  It appears if you dont share a sewer you will be asked to subsadise those that do share sewers (the majority).  Here is my enquiry, lets see how we get on :

I have just received a letter on sewer ownership which appears to state that my bill will increase between £3 and £14 so as to subsidise homes with shared sewage and make disputes easier for these homeowners.  It may be unusual but I know the arrangement of my sewer as I had to pay to have it repaired purely because our house does not share the sewer pipe with anyone else (so the entire responsibility was ours).  From your letter it appears I will retain responsibility for our sewer pipe but have our bill increase? Can you please elaborate, is this a matter of your records being wrong or are you genuinely going to force a minority to pay for the majorities problems?



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Elegant Box Modifications

Here is a little template that can be used with the “Elegant Box” wordpress theme in order to use as a template without the widgets column.  This is useful is displaying forums or other word press content that you would like to display in the entire page:

Pop this in your wpcontent\themes\elegant-box in a file called nosidebar.php and you will be able to alter your forums post accordingly 😉

Template Name: No Side Bar
<?php get_header(); ?>
#main {
    padding:10px 15px 0;
#content {
    background: #FAF6F0;
    border: 1px solid #A07828;
        <?php if (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
            <div width="100%">
                    <h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
                    <?php edit_post_link(__('Edit', 'elegantbox'), '<span>', '</span>'); ?>
                    <span><?php _e('Update: ', 'elegantbox'); the_modified_time(__('F jS, Y', 'elegantbox')) ?></span>
                    <?php the_content(); ?>
        <?php endif; ?>
        <div id="bottom">
<?php get_footer(); ?>

I am aware overwriting the thee in that manner is not exactly elegant, but it gets the job done in a single file so works for me.

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WordPress User Problems

I must apologise for problems I have been having with wordpress. Unlike all my clients wordpress sites, it would appear that is a target for a great deal of Spam and an insane number of what appear to be fake users. I have no idea if this is related to the Anonymous hack last year, or if short TLA domains are targeted. However as a result of this I have been forced to trash the user tables and install an addin called register plus.

This site is now used as my blog site, I self host it in order to help better understand administrating a wordpress site so as to support the clients who choose to use this technology, so unfortunately if one of these users were genuine I can only apologise for deleting you.

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RIP American Dream

Today saw the demise if the American dream. what was started with a fanfare by one of the most visionary leaders ended today with a whimper by a corporate shill who seems happy to be remembered primarily for his colour.  The space race is over and somehow the Americans have succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Just as communism failed to provide a framework in which it’s citizens could live and prosper, capitalism has failed to uphold the heady ideals of science.  So the corporate funded politicians with their small minded, grubby world view have ended the greatest and most important adventure mankind will ever undertake.



Last Shuttle Flight


Manned space flight has been consigned to the Chinese and Indians to look at, presumably on the understanding that the Americans will be able to buy or steal the plans once the investment has been made.  Meanwhile the American tax payer will be asked to fund private “space” exploration with both military backing and more directly through federal taxation, because even the most naive politician realises that you must give the proles hope to hang their hats upon.


Congratulations to the Russian rocket scientists, it was a long fight, and after your early lead it really looked like the Americans had you beaten.  your engines were always superior, but the Americans had belief, bravery and a true visionary which looked like it had you beat.  But at the end if the day, the immortal giants who lobbied for protection under the constitution were always going kill anything that their greedy eyes saw as competition.


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